Accident Replacement Program

IMPORTANT: Helmets involved in an accident/impact should not be worn again. Please complete the Accident Report and contact us to see if we need to collect your damaged helmet for research purposes. If not, please cut off the harness to ensure no one uses it again and properly dispose of it.

The Tipperary Accident Replacement Program allows you to replace a helmet that has been damaged in an accident for 50% off of the current retail price (plus shipping & handling). 

This replacement discount is valid for up to 2 years from the date of purchase. Helmets that have been damaged through misuse or dropping do not qualify. In order to qualify, you must have completed a Product Registration form online, or have a copy of your original purchase receipt with the date of purchase. 

Additionally, please complete this accident report so we may provide information about your accident to the valuable and ongoing research around equestrian accidents: Accident Report

To process your replacement, please email a copy of your receipt to Customer Care. Your accident form will be automatically emailed to the Customer Care Team.

Customer Care:
T: 888 313 8842 toll free
T: 905 738 9944

Customer Service Hours:
Monday to Friday
9 am - 5 pm EST